One Silly Monkey, One Silly Sentence

            Colleen, my six year old sister, was goofing off – like the little monkey she is – and dancing around the living room because she was celebrating the fact that she got perfect on her spelling test as she is, in fact, a little prodigy, unlike myself who couldn’t even spell her own name – to be fair, some people spell Megan with an “h” and when you’re young that gets confusing – so she jumped up on the back rest of our couch, the ugliest, greenest leather couch you ever did see, and proceeded to do her happy dance, which involved some complicated balancing tricks, ones that any six year old would struggle with, but Colleen, the monkey, prodigy, gymnast seemed to have no problem with it at all until my Mom saw her and yelled at her and she turned her head a little too quick and her feet came out from under her and her butt hit the couch and she bounced like a beach ball, turning as she fell toward the shiny hardwood floor so that her face would be the first thing to hit the ground, as it did, with a crack so loud the neighbors could hear it and if they didn’t they certainly heard the horrendous scream my mother unleashed when she saw my sister’s eyes roll into the back of her head and her body go limp and blood puddle under her forehead, a river of red trickling into the cracks of the hardwood floor, which made me hurl and my brother pray to the lord in heaven that we hadn’t lost our baby sister, our monkey, our prodigy, our gymnast, our beautiful bundle of joy because if we lost her we would all surely lose ourselves – who am I without her? – and lose each other and lose our minds and walk about the rest of our lives without life, afraid to feel again, to need again, to love again because if we let ourselves feel again, need again or love again we would have to face the fact that we might lose again like we lost her, if we lost her, but we didn’t lose her, she lived. Image


One comment

  1. Unusual, and really compelling. . .you had me from the first sentence. Haha! Really, though, the momentum was very skillful. Thank you.

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