Your Citrus Fix


You won’t eat an orange because it’s too big, too round, too sweet, too strong, too much for you to handle. You can handle, however, a touch of a tangerine because a tangerine gives you hints of what you like about the orange without having to commit to so large a fruit. A tangerine fits the perfect size to get your citrus fix. A tangerine has just enough sweetness without being overbearing. It won’t fight your taste buds, it melts to your mouth, and you control every bite because that tangerine thinks it’s an orange, a substantial fruit. Unfortunately, that naive tangerine just is what it is, especially to you. It’s just another timely taste that came in bulk with a bunch of other tangerines just like it. It will never be an orange because you will never eat an orange because the one orange you ate filled you too full. So full you hurt and you’re too afraid to hurt again.


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