Our Butterflies

Our Butterflies


“Those words for you from me are true

beautiful and unique

That butterfly doesn’t seek anything but love that’s true

That’s why mine landed on you.”


“Hey so… um… here’s whats up. Please don’t hate me, but, um… I just… I feel… well actually that’s kinda the thing… I don’t really feel.”


“I just, it wouldn’t be fair to you to keep going on like this… when I’m… not feeling… the way I used to.”


“I’m sorry.”

“No, no, what is it? Tell me. What did I do wrong.”

“Nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the shitty thing, I can’t even put my finger on it. It’s just gone. There’s nothing there anymore.”

It was never love in the first place. But when you’re in it, it always feels like it. It always feels like this is the person, like your going to be together forever, because really what could possibly happen to break us up. Then something happens, or something fades and you look back and realize… it was never really love in in the first place.


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