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I don’t know. That’s my answer to everything, even the most basic questions. I don’t know what I want, or what I feel, or what I like, or don’t like, or what makes me laugh, or what makes me cry. I don’t know who I like, or who I am, or if I like myself. […]

Every Second Counts.

Just like every penny counts, every second counts. And within every second, every smile. Every tear. Every laugh. Every broken heart. It only takes one second for lightning to strike, for a leaf to fall, for a heart to beat, for a bomb to go off, for a connection to be made or a connection […]

The L-Word Problem

I have an “L-Word” problem. Lately, something has been living in the lining of my stomach. Last Saturday, I clocked a little leap when I leaned into his chest. Last Tuesday, the leap grew to a light flutter filling my entire tummy when he kissed my temple. Last night, the flutter lingered on his every […]

The Opposite of Me

Ryan walks up and down the isle of the classroom. He floats between our square wooden desks, stopping at each girl sitting in her plastic chair to swing his heavenly hockey hair out of his glowing green eyes and share a look. A frog crawls from my stomach and up my throat as he gets […]


**This is a snippet of an older piece of writing that I did when I was struggling with reasons why you stay in relationship, what love is and what we are willing to accept for it. These are the kinds of themes that I had always hoped to explore through the writing in my blog, […]

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