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Us Dogs

“Make sure no ordinary human can enter the North Pole!” Conor commands, “Or else the mystery will be dead and Christmas will be ruined and it will be all your fault!” Under an open ladder, covered in tinsel, I sit on my knees with my hands on the floor between them. I stick out my […]

All I Want for Christmas

**This is a personal narrative that I wrote up for a writing class. The assignment involved writing a personal experience story that could be evolved into an audio recording. Essentially, the project was turn a crazy story about yourself into a cheesy radio podcast. As the Zero to Hero blog challenged me to introduce other […]

One Silly Monkey, One Silly Sentence

            Colleen, my six year old sister, was goofing off – like the little monkey she is – and dancing around the living room because she was celebrating the fact that she got perfect on her spelling test as she is, in fact, a little prodigy, unlike myself who couldn’t even spell her own name […]

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