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I don’t know. That’s my answer to everything, even the most basic questions. I don’t know what I want, or what I feel, or what I like, or don’t like, or what makes me laugh, or what makes me cry. I don’t know who I like, or who I am, or if I like myself. […]

A Valentine’s Day Poem

I love you more than pizza, cause pizza makes me sick I love you more than than milkshakes, cause I find that they’re too thick I love you more than chimpanzees, cause they aren’t all that smart I love you more than starfish too, cause at least you have a heart But even if pizza […]

Your Honey

If you were a bear, the biggest, hairiest, friendliest bear, I would want to be honey, the sweetest, most delicious jar of honey one can find, made by only the busiest most beautiful bees that bumble between the fanciest flowers and back to the highest hive where they work to make me, the happiest honey, […]

The L-Word Problem

I have an “L-Word” problem. Lately, something has been living in the lining of my stomach. Last Saturday, I clocked a little leap when I leaned into his chest. Last Tuesday, the leap grew to a light flutter filling my entire tummy when he kissed my temple. Last night, the flutter lingered on his every […]

Our Butterflies

Our Butterflies *** “Those words for you from me are true beautiful and unique That butterfly doesn’t seek anything but love that’s true That’s why mine landed on you.” *** “Hey so… um… here’s whats up. Please don’t hate me, but, um… I just… I feel… well actually that’s kinda the thing… I don’t really […]

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